Market your brand effectively with an experiential marketing campaign and multi-sensory communication that affects and activates your target audience. That turns customers into fans. More experience, brings more inspiration and more impact. Do you want to boost your brand? More than Mayo is here to help you all the way: from idea to design and organization.

Experience. Affect. Activate.

More than Mayo develops and creates strategies, concepts and activations that let people see, hear, feel, smell and taste what your brand stands for. We provide a special brand experience by stimulating as many senses as possible. Whether you’re about to launch a new product, you want to present your brand at a trade fair or have the annual customer relations day coming up. Your message will be communicated effectively and people will talk about it. You’ll make an impact and your brand will be remembered.

What about a chocolate tasting that literally brings your customers toghether? Or an edible game that lets people experience your business vision? Check out our cases.

Your product isn’t edible, you say? That’s great! Especially for companies with non-edible or non-touchable products or services, multi-sensory communication works very refreshing and can be super effective. Bring on your challenge!

The More than Mayo method

We design concepts for multi-sensory marketing, we develop marketing communication strategies and create creative, activating campaigns. We direct creative specialists and manage project teams and ensure that everything is realized consistently and according to the plan and the agreements we made. We do this on a project or interim basis. We also create content, just ask.

More than Mayo starts with your goals, your brand and your target audience as a starting point. We dig deep and we and get acquainted with your organization and product to come up with the most effective approach for your brand. Our method consists of 3 steps:

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Take the first step!

Tell us about your brand ambitions and your challenges and together we’ll create your experiential marketing strategy or concept that makes your brand stand out!

About More than Mayo

People want móre than just a product or service. Customers want to identify with your brand. They want to feel a connection. Effective marketing communication also needs móre than a flyer or a website. An approach that stimulates the senses provides personal contact and offers the opportunity to make a real impact.

More than Mayo helps brands intensify their brand experience and increase customer loyalty with concepts for multi-sensory marketing, marketing communication strategies and creative, activating events and campaigns.

Do you need a creative marketing approach to create a strong connection with your target group and put your brand firmly on the map? Do you want your brand to stand out and be remembered? And do you want help from an experienced professional who dives deep into the brand, the organization and the product? Who keeps an eye on the big picture and takes care of all the details? More than Mayo is here for you!

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