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Let people see, hear, feel, smell and taste who you are!

Market your brand effectively with a live event that turns customers into fans. Intensify the brand experience, inspire your target audience and make an impact. More than Mayo is here to help you all the way: from idea to design and organization.

Your event

Experience marketing and multi-sensory events are our expertise. Food our secret ingredient. We stimulate the senses and provide a special brand experience. Whether you’re about to launch a new product, you want to present your brand at a trade fair or have the annual customer relations day coming up. More than Mayo develops and creates events that let people see, hear, feel, smell and taste what your brand stands for.

Food: a great means of communication

Food evokes meaning, memories and emotions. Food affects everyone. That is why More than Mayo works with food to help convey your story. It will strengthen your message, you’ll make a difference and people will talk about it. You’ll make an impact and be remembered.

For example think of a chocolate tasting that literally brings together customers at your network event. Worldly snacks that allow the participants at an event about digital nomadship to have the first taste of their new lifestyle. Or a yummy ‘creativity shot’ that lets the visitors of your exhibition stand experience what ‘brainfood’ does to you.

You’re not in the food business, you say? That’s great! Especially for companies that are not directly ‘into food’, using food as a means of communication gives an innovative and fresh twist to your event. Bring on your challenge!

We dig in and make it work

More than Mayo starts with your goals, your brand and your target group as a starting point. We dig deep and we and get acquainted with your organization and product to come up with the most effective approach for your brand. In 3 steps we develop and create your event:

MayoMethode | More than Mayo
Are you ready for the first step?

Need help?

So, you want to intensify brand experience and improve customer loyalty. And you’d love to do a live event to reach your targets. But… your head is too full to come up with an original approach. And you and your team are just too busy to even start figuring this out.

You need help! The good kind. From an experienced professional who takes good care of things. Who dives deep into the brand, the organization and the product. Who keeps an eye on the big picture and tackles all the details. A person who understands your playing field and knows that you have so much more on your plate. We’ve got your back.

The MayoMeeting: your kickstart

The MayoMeeting is that important first step towards your event and your goals. We’ll organize a creative session to get a good idea of the nature and size of your challenge. We’ll ask you everything about your goals, brand and target group. Ideas come to the table. We’ll brainstorm and together we’ll come to new, fresh perspectives. After our session More than Mayo gets into the kitchen to cook up a plan. Within 10 working days we’ll serve this to you personally.

The MayoMeeting is € 1.995, – excluding VAT. Plus 4 hours of time from you and the people you want to involve in the project. This investment will provide you with:

  • a creative session in which all the important information, ideas and preconditions will come to the table and will be discussed
  • an experienced sparring partner
  • an inspiring well worked out plan, fit to your challenge
  • 3 concept directions to choose from
  • a personal presentation of your plan and the concept directions

With this plan you can move forward. Of course we are happy to do this together with you. But you can also take the next step together with your own team or another agency. You’re free to decide and committed to nothing.

Tell us about your challenge!

About More than Mayo

People want móre than just a product or service. Customers want to identify with your brand. They want to feel a connection. Events are particularly effective to achieve just that. Because they are live and personal they offer the opportunity to make a big impact.

More than Mayo helps brands intensify their brand experience and increase customer loyalty. To achieve this, we like to use food as a powerful means of communication. We develop concepts for multi-sensory marketing, marketing communication strategies and creative, activating events and campaigns.

Do you want a creative marketing approach to create a strong connection with your target group? Do you want your brand to stand out and be remembered? And do you want help from a professional who speaks your language, keeps an eye on the big picture and takes care of all the details? More than Mayo is there for you!

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