You only have one chance to make a great first impression. When you bring a new brand, product or service to market, it must go in with a BANG. It has to gain attention, be memorable and immediately conquer it’s position.

For you as a marketing manager, this is a pretty cool project to do. But also a huge responsibility and definitely not something you’d do ‘on the side’, next to all the other work that has to be done. On the other hand – even less willingly – you’d want to outsource it and give it completely out of your hands. Mayhem.

Our expertise, your success

More than Mayo creates a thoughtful, experiential and effective strategy for your brand, marketing communications and/or launch, together with you and your project team. In a structured manner we’ll work towards consistent rollout of your campaign and measurable results. You’ll feel confident that your introduction to market is in capable hands. That it’s being worked on with dedication. While you keep overview and remain in control.

Damn… can you feel the difference that makes…?

Móre effectiveness with experience marketing

We immerse ourselves in your market. We dive deep into your world. Live through the journeys your customers experience. More than Mayo brings more than a condiment to the table. We serve creativity and quality for optimal results.

We go beyond traditional marketing and aim to let your target group not only see and hear – but preferably also feel, smell or taste what your brand stands for. By stimulating as many senses as possible, you’ll make more impact and your product or service will be remembered.

“But… you can’t eat or smell our product…?”

Ha! We’ve got you covered. Bringing more experience into your marketing and communications can be very refreshing and innovative for particularly your product or organisation. That is why, for example, publishers or financial service providers work with More than Mayo. Check out our cases for inspiration!

How can we help yóu?

Your objectives, your brand and your target group are always the foundation of everything we do. You know as well as we do, that in marketing and branding there is no one size fits all. But you do know what benefits your organization the most, so that’s our starting point. Always.

So how can we help yóu?


Stuck in your strategy? Let’s deep dive into your specific bottleneck, so you can continue.


Based on your objectives, we’ll create your brand, marcom or launch strategy, ready for rollout.


We’ll not only creat your customized strategy, but also manage the rollout to measurable results.

The MayoMethod

Our method of working has three phases. The more extensive we work together, the more phases you go through.

Take the first step!

Tell us about your brand’s ambitions, goals and challenges and together we’ll create the experiential marketing strategy that makes your brand stand out!

About More than Mayo

People want móre than your product or service. They want to feel a connection with your brand. Effective branding and marketing therefore requires móre than a little extra creaminess or spice. A thoughtful strategy and a consistent goal-oriented approach, that’s how to achieve your objectives. Add in some experiential elements to stimulate the senses and you’ll have a recipe to make actual impact.

Hey, ambitious brands! We’ve got your back. 

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